About Border Rowers


Last year, our annual Spring Charity Challenge was – like everything else in 2020 – thrown off course by the COVID-19 pandemic. While we couldn't convene in person, our community was still strong and looking for ways to stay engaged, stay fit, and do some good. We pulled together to complete an international virtual relay row to benefit Doctors Without Borders. 10 million meters later, we had made friends from all over the globe, and had raised $8,150 for Doctors Without Borders. It went so well, we're going to do this every year.

But for 2021, we are announcing a once in a lifetime rowing challenge!


We are going to attempt a Guinness World Record for the longest virtual rowing relay. Our goal: row around the world. That's 40,075,000 meters. Our fundraising goal is to raise a further $40,075 for Doctors without Borders. Will you join us? Whether or not you can participate, we encourage you to donate to our Doctors Without Borders fundraiser in support.

Below is a video from our last effort. 

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