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Lisa Popkov

Front Desk

Erik Aplestein

Front Desk



Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts 


Classes I teach: HIIT Hopscotch


Experience with Rowing: Who?

Talk to me about Rowing: My ears get caught in the slide sometimes, but I have the most powerful drive you've ever seen! Height isn't everything in rowing, contrary to what people think.

Funny story about you: Someone thought I was a marshmallow one time.



Hometown: Brookline, MA

Experience with Rowing: I joined the Brookline High School rowing team winter of my sophomore year because my track and field career brought upon me a throbbing case of shin splints. I heard the rowing team was wonderful so I decided to give winter training a try. After months of urging, cold rainy runs, and Harvard Stadiums, I discovered a growing passion for the sport. Since then I have competed at the Canadian Henley, Youth Club Nationals, and twice at the Head Of The Charles Regatta.

Talk to me about Rowing: The community is wonderful. Once you get engulfed, you are in it for the long run. 

Funny Story about you: I think my record is flipping three times in a single during  just one  practice. Thankfully it was hot out! 



We are looking for 

  • Instructors for morning classes and some evening classes

If you are interested in any of these positions or for more information please contact Bryan Fuller at bfuller@powerrowing.com. 

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