Summer Rowing Bootcamp

Summer kids rowing classes are held three times a week beginning in July with a total of 18 classes offered over the course of the summer. They are first-come-first serve, and can be purchased in packs of 3, 5, or 10 classes.

Classes focus on fitness and learning to row. They are approximately 50 minutes long, with a warm-up and higher intensity sections. These classes will be taught by a rotation of our instructors--including Marta, Megan, and Maddie--to keep the experience fresh each time. Keep your kids active and engaged during summer break!​


2K Classes

2K classes are held every weekday from July 5 - August 13, for a total of 30 classes.

Classes are designed to develop cardio stamina and strength to ensure students can maintain or improve their 2K scores over summer break coming into the fall. During the sessions, instructors will evaluate form and provide strategic insights on how to maximize 2K times. There are only 9 slots available and each class is approximately 50 minutes long. Typical attendees should see 10-30 second improvement in their scores depending on their skill level. The cost of enrollment is $750.​

**On days with weather-related school closings, After School Rowing will be cancelled.**

After School Rowing

Does your child need an active after school hobby? A way to get all that energy out before coming home? Or, are they looking for a new sport to participate in, or a new challenge?


Crew is a wonderful team building sport that many students take up in high school and continue on through college. Our after school indoor rowing classes provide younger children the unique experience of training and racing on ergs, developing essential form and technique early, and of course having a blast with their friends along the way!

Specially designed for younger rowers, our after school programming emphasizes the basics of proper rowing form. Our children's class instructor, Raphi Tayvah, creates engaging workouts that push students to get to know the erg, and each other. Through live racing software, students can challenge their friends and classmates. Keeping track of key numbers and benchmarks along the way, students learn to challenge themselves to keep improving. Group relay and circuit training exercises encourage students to work cooperatively in teams and support each other through the workout.


Through a collaboration with CRI (Community Rowing, Inc.), we end each series of kid's classes with an opportunity for your children to row on the Charles.


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