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Power Rowing & Local Charity Fund Raising

More than a place to improve yourself.


Healthy individuals form healthy communities. Power Rowing's vision for this studio has always been to build and support a healthier community, individual by individual, and family by family. The good of one is meant to strengthen and contribute to the whole.

Power Rowing has historically partnered with to two amazing programs – CRI Military Rowing and Respond, Inc. –  and donate part of our profits to them. Both programs help ensure that some of our most vulnerable populations get the help they need to empower their futures.  Please click on the links provided and help us support them in their efforts.

Our Power Rowing Row and Raise challenges raise awareness and support for causes our members care about as part of the greater community. In 2018, we raised approximately $8,000 for various local charities through these initiatives. The good Power Rowing does for ourselves can and should empower others, and enable them to flourish. This conviction, deeply held, serves as the foundation of our business model. “Rowing Changes Lives” is more than a motto: it is our mission. 

Power Rowing, a Brookline indoor rowing studio

Fall 2019

"Row Home" 

​Row Home is our fall charity challenge whereby you partner up with someone and row as many meters as you can for the month of October.  For this 31 day challenge, you will donate a dollar a day to My Life, My Choice a Brookline based organization devoted to helping women escape trafficking.  The challenge runs from the first class on October 1st and finishes with the last class on October 31st.  The winners of the challenge will be announced at our November 2nd Gala Power Rowing.  


  • Participants can row no more than one class or open row a day.

  • Participants must donate $31 to My Life, My Choice.

  • Participants will record their meters online at the end of each class or open row.

  • Open Rows are capped at 5,000 meters.

  • Remote rowers are capped at 5,000 meters per day.

  • Boxing and Suspension training classes are worth 5,000 meters.

  • Bringing in new guests into Power Rowing and we will give you 5,000 meters for each one.

Spring 2019

Charity Challenge

Power Rowing Rules

  1. Teams consist of 4 dedicated members, but may have a dedicated substitute. (Dedicated substitutes pay full price, but they can jump in through multiple weeks for different team members.)

  2. Entrance Fee for the Contest is $50 per person.

  3. Teams may pick up a substitute for a week.  A substitution week runs from Monday to Sunday.  Substitutes pay $25 for one week of substitution. If they substitute for more then one week they become a dedicated substitute and are capped at $50.  They may substitute for more than one team.

  4. Rowers will record the meters from their class on the gym iPad. 

  5. The team with the most meters at the end of the day May 31st will win all of the entrance fees for their charity.

Supplemental rules:

  1. If a rower is away (business trip, vacation, etc.) they may row up to 5,000 meters per day away from the studio.  They can send an email to with their results.

  2. If a rower is sick/busy/or just having a tough week and they can't get to the studio at least three times, they can pay $25 for 10,000 bonus meters.  This can only be done once a week and the $25 is added to the entrance fee pool.  If you come 4 times in a week, you cannot buy the 10,000 meters

  3. Rowers must attend classes at Power Rowing to accumulate meters. Contestants are not allowed to free row through classes.  Further, open rowing sessions are capped at 5,000 meters.  Power Rowing Boxing (coming soon), Zumba and Suspension training classes are worth 4,000 meters.

  4. A few rowers are rowing remotely.  Remote rowers are capped at 5,000 meters per day.  They may purchase meters if they row under three times a week.

Once a week, Bryan will provide a recap of the week.  The team with the most meters on any given week will be gifted an auction item.  If that team does not win the overall contest, their auction items will still be donated to their charity on their behalf.  For the last week of the contest, all results will be blacked out.  The winning team will be announced at the charity gala on June 1st at Power Rowing.


Participation Tracker

How often did each team making it into Power Rowing to row? This shows live participation numbers. Bryan's weekly emails for a breakdown of how many meters each team has rowed and for a rundown of the week's top rowers!

Fall 2018

"Row Home" 

In Fall 2018, our members joined together in 30 pairs, all competing for the highest number of joint meters rowed during the month of October. All proceeds were donated to support Respond, Inc., New England's first domestic violence prevention agency. 

On November 3rd, the partners, friends, family, and community members all gathered for a Halloween themed Gala at Power Rowing in celebration of all the hard work done this fall to support Respond, Inc. Together, our members rowed 3,951,394 meters, and raised $1400 for Respond, Inc.


Spring 2018

First Power Rowing Charity Challenge

In Spring 2018, our members formed ten teams and competed for the most collective meters rowed from April 1st to May 31st. Each team chose a local charity to represent throughout the competition, raising money and awareness for important causes in our community.

On June 2nd, our teams, their families, community members, and charity representatives all gathered for our first Power Rowing Charity Gala. We shared food and conversation while bidding in a silent auction, and finally announcing the winners of the spring Charity Challenge.

Our members rowed a grand total of 5,931,597 meters this spring, raising nearly $4000 to be donated to participating charities. Team My Life, My Choice rowed the most meters, and was able to present a $1,600 check to a representative of the charity.

Power Rowing donated to a local charity, My Life, My Choice

Teams rowed for:

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