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For over five years, Power Rowing has offered the largest comprehensive training program for the CRASH-B’s, a global indoor rowing competition based right here in Boston, MA. Last year the Power Rowing team included over 80 CRASH-ers from a half dozen countries.


Our extended training program for the CRASH-B's now includes a monthly membership building on a variety of fitness goals and skills to bring athletes and hobby rowers to peak fitness.  These are our CRASH Memberships.


These monthly digital workout plans programed from your phone to your Concept2 PM5 monitor via bluetooth include four workouts a week that you can take at your pace.  These workouts are a Sprints, Medium Distance, Negative Splits, and Longer Rows Workouts. 

These workouts are tailored to your skill sets via regular testing of your 2K and 500m times.  Approximately once a month, an additional workout will be added, for "Hell Week" and intermittently a "Challenge Day" will be inserted for that extra push.  Plans will be shortened to observe standard holidays during those weeks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.).

Our training program is customized to each participant's goals and abilities. Workouts are integrated with ErgZone, allowing participants  to keep track of each workout through an app without spending all your break time programming your erg (participants without a PM5 monitor may still participate using analog training guides).

Learn more and sign up below! Note: Power Rowing members receive special discounts on all training programs, and non-members are eligible for an early registrant discount!

CRASH Training:
Customized to your fitness goals to your abilities

  • CRASH Training

    Every month
    Intense series of monthly workouts for Power Rowing Members
     30 day free trial
    • A monthly digital workout plan programed from your phone
  • CRASH Training

    Every month
    Intense series of monthly workouts for Non-PR Memberships
     14 day free trial
    • A monthly digital workout plan programed from your phone
bryan comforting rower who lost their race at CRASH B

Sprint Training

Mondays - Short intense bursts of speed mitigated by small breaks and longer breaks between sets.  Sets are generally between 20 seconds to about 1 minute in length.

Focus on quick starts, explosive power, and giving 110% effort for short sprints.

Medium Distance Training

Tuesdays - Medium distance training with intermittently sets of higher intensity sets.  Sets range from 1-4 minutes.

Learn how to balance efficiency with power and double your sprint distance.

Negative Splits

Thursdays - A variety of sets from sprints or medium intensity sets, but sets will get harder as the workout goes on.

Train for the ultimate rowing challenges. Explore race strategy by building power throughout your sets.

Longer Rows

Fridays - Longer slower sets punctuated by short intense sprints.

Find the right mix of endurance and strength to support your fitness goals.

Challenge Day

Random Days - Replaces normal workout with a more intense workout of the day.  Try your best to complete it.

Can't get enough? We've got something special for you approximately once a week a workout will be more intense.

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