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For over five years, Power Rowing has offered the largest comprehensive training program for the CRASH-B’s, a global indoor rowing competition based right here in Boston, MA. Last year the Power Rowing team included over 80 CRASH-ers from a half dozen countries.


Our extended training program now includes 5 phases, building on a variety of fitness goals and skills to bring athletes and hobby rowers to peak fitness in time to compete. These phases span from August to June and include: sprints, 1000m, CRASH-B (2k), mixed (1/2 marathon & sprint), and continued mixed. 

Our training program is customized to each participant's goals and abilities. Workouts are integrated with ErgZone, allowing participants  to keep track of each workout through an app without spending all your break time programming your erg (participants without a PM5 monitor may still participate using analog training guides).

Learn more and sign up below! Note: Power Rowing members receive special discounts on all training programs, and non-members are eligible for an early registrant discount!

CRASH-B Training: 5 Phases, 10 months
Customized to your fitness goals and abilities



Sprint Training

August 1 - September 16

Focus on quick starts, explosive power, and giving 110% effort for 500m.


1000m Training

September 26 - November 6

Learn how to balance efficiency with power and double your sprint distance.


CRASH-B (2k) Training

November 14 -  March 4 (actual race)

Train for the ultimate rowing challenge. Explore race strategy while building endurance and honing form and fitness.


Mixed Training

(1/2 Marathon & Sprint Training)

March 13 - April 23

Find the right mix of endurance and strength to support your fitness goals.


Continued Mixed Training

April 17 - June 2

Can't get enough? We've got you with a few more weeks of customized fitness training.

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