Strengthen yourself.

Strengthen your community. 

One stroke at a time...

More than a place to improve yourself.


Healthy individuals form healthy communities. Our vision for this studio has always been to build and support a healthier community, individual by individual, and family by family. The good of one is meant to strengthen and contribute to the whole.

We are partnered with to two amazing programs – CRI Military Rowing and Respond, Inc. –  and donate part of our profits to them. Both programs help ensure that some of our most vulnerable populations get the help they need to empower their futures.  Please click on the links provided and help us support them in their efforts.

Our Charity Challenges raise awareness and support for Power Rowing as part of the greater community. In 2018, we raised approximately $8,000 for various local charities through these initiatives. The good we do for ourselves can and should empower others, and enable them to flourish. This conviction, deeply held, serves as the foundation of our business model. “Rowing Changes Lives” is more than a motto: it is our mission. 

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