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On June 1, 2024, Power Rowing's own Bryan Fuller will attempt to row from Boston to London, approximately 3,250 miles.

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Ready to row your ocean?

Welcome to Power Rowing, the Boston's areas first indoor rowing studio – a new type of fitness studio designed and taught by rowers. We're here to give you a high intensity cardio workout that targets your entire body, but has low impact on your joints. Plus, Power Rowing has Boston's only fitness instructor who is going to row across an ocean.  You can follow Bryan Fuller at

Hear from our crew:

The instructor at Power Rowing giving instruction

Something about the atmosphere of Bryan’s studio speaks to his knowledge of life being short and sometimes stormy, and of now being the right time for connection, imagination and action. So I keep showing up, no matter what is happening in my life or body. No more treading water.

Perhaps rowing really can change lives.

~Bethany Ericson, Power Rowing Member

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