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Power Rowing Gala to Support RESPOND, Inc a Huge Success

Brookline, MA: Join Power Rowing for a Gala to celebrate the their “Row Home” Charity Challenge, a month long rowing challenge held this October in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. All proceeds will go to RESPOND, Inc, New England’s oldest domestic violence agency.

Power Rowing Halloween Gala: November 3rd, 5-7 PM, 62 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA 02445

Members of Power Rowing have selected a teammate who embodies “home” to them and will compete for the most overall meters rowed, in order to raise funds and awareness for those who do not have such a teammate in their lives. 30 teams competed against each other. To celebrate their hard work and the work that RESPOND, Inc does all year round, Power Rowing will host a Gala, where RESPOND, Inc CEO Jessica Brayden will receive a check for the proceeds from this competition. All are welcome to attend this Halloween-themed Gala (costumes not required but

encouraged!), where there will be an open bar, live band, and food for a $10 cover charge. Please join us for this fun event!

About RESPOND, Inc: RESPOND, a pioneer in the movement to end domestic violence, is New England's first domestic violence prevention agency and the second in the nation. For over 40 years RESPOND has provided life-saving shelter, a crisis hotline, support services, training and education to more than 100,000 members of the community. Services are free, confidential, and available to all survivors of domestic abuse—women, men, teens and children. Together, we can end domestic violence.

About Power Rowing: If you have been to Power Rowing, you might have noticed it is a little different than other studios that you have attended. First off, we talk a lot more. We don’t simply say ten repetitions of this and let you have at it. We explain why we are doing this particular workout, what it will do to your body, and why it is good for you. But, one of the most striking differences might be our overall view of working out in general. We at Power Rowing take the long view of your health. Our goal isn’t to get you sweaty and kick you out the door. Our goal is to make your healthier, make your heart, bones, and muscles stronger and to sustain that health over your lifetime. These may seem like lofty goals, but they should be the baseline goals of any fitness studio. The paradigm needs to change from working out today to becoming sustainably fit for life.

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